Move-ember 2014. Day 2

Well I power walked yesterday for the first day of Move-ember. This is a bit different than the regular Movember as it is for me to loose five stones by next March 2015
Need to get the kids involved.

My inspiration for the challenge.

First time to swear at my daughter

Today I swore at my daughter for the first time.
She has it is her first month at Secondary school and I am trying to give her some responsibilities. one is to go to her music class and to come home straight after.

She had not appeared for over 30 minutes. Went to the place where I dropped her off and she was there ‘playing’

Blood boiled ordered her home and swore at her on the way.
I have lost the art of swearing etc after all of these years.

Bad education.

I am not happy in fact I am fuming.
My daughter came home from school last week and told me that they were learning about the 2nd World War and that Japan was their topic. She complained to me that the teacher was pronouncing the language wrong and tried to tell her how to pronounce correctly, but the teacher told her to do it the ‘English way’.

The teacher then proceeded to teach the class how to do the origami Crane from a YouTube video. Again my daughter tried to show her how to do it the Japanese way, but again the teacher told her to do it as she was instructed by her.

My daughter complained to me that some of her friends knew how to pronounce the language, as I had done a presentation in her class since she was five to nine years old and that she did the crane her way and her friend thought that it was better and wanted one of hers.

I am annoyed as the teacher had a hands on Japanese person in the class that could of helped to pronounce the language the right way and who could also teach the right way to do origami.

Thinking of complaining to the school about the mistreatment of my child and that they should use the child (with the parents consent) if they are teaching things about the country that they come from.

Let’s teach the young smarter.

High School Funding.

I am trying to find a way to get funding for my daughter to go to the local High school. She passed the entrance exam but did not receive a bursary.

I am writing letters to some places.

Any help will be appreciated.



Busy few weeks.

Well my daughter had a 11plus test for the local High School and passed it but we did not get a bursary. Maybe not able to go. Also she went to a science fair at the local University and graduated. Smart girl. Very proud of you. Xx