Thriller live

Loved Michael Jackson’s music took the kids to see a theatre production. Couple of people didn’t sing well but overall a good night out. Met Mike Lindup of Level 42 fame and some of the cast.

Out of curiosity

Today my daughter had a High School test for her pride and my curiosity. Lots of having  money/pushy parents/carers were there talk about buying books getting extra lessons for their kids. Did not do that but my girl is very bright so she had a got. She was buzzing when she came out and said that it was easy. Whatever the outcome, I am proud of her. Xx


Well Ryo us going home tomorrow. I will be sad as loved having him to stay. Met him at 2 yrs old till I left Japan when he was 10yrs. He came to the UK with his mum at 11yrs. Now here at 17yrs. Will be in the UK again at 22yrs. Will miss him. Come back soon.