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A difficult month.

Well this month has been very fraught.

Work is re-structuring the our department and two posts will be deleted, so two of us will either re-locate to a different department or be made redundant.

Alot of people are running around like ‘chicken’s with no head’ and are worrying about their pensions and other stuff.

I am not so worried as I have ambition’s elsewhere, but I would love to keep my job like everyone else.

Hubby had an offer to change employment, but he has decided to stay where he is at the moment.

I want/need to write a book, in fact I have at least four books in my head, but I have no clue how ro write them and I may have to go to writer’s school to figure it out. Also, I had to give up my ‘Stictly’ challenge as I do not have a permanent partner.

Insanity is doing ‘ok’ so far, but I have to step it up before the Robin of Sherwood Convention in April.

Well, tomorrow is the first of March, and I with lots of events planned, I will have lots to do.

じゃ まった ね。

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