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Trying to write a book and our time at Alnwick and Bamburgh Castles.

I haven’t been on WP recently, because I am trying to write a book.

I have about four books in me trying to get out, but I cannot seem to be able to express properly.

When people ask about me, I can verbalise my ‘life story’ fine. When they find out they keep saying that I sould write a book about myself.

I have a’draft’ copy of it, but it seems silly to me. It is just my life. A totally natural thing to me not anything too outstanding, although I am constantly being told that it is.

I envy those who can write a book but as a Sagittarius, I am supposed to be able to do this but it s defeating me and I don’t know wo can help me.


On the bright side, I have been very busy.

My daughter, after sis years attending Japanese school years four and five very reluctantly but with me pushing her and her fatherwanting her to quit) has ‘Graduated’ Shougakkusei 小学生 (Primary School).

It is an emotional time for me, as I now have a child who is free on weekends, but I am proud that she stuck by it and finished with good grades. Her life in learniung the language has stopped for now to let her concentrate on her ‘options’.

On Easter weekend, and in preparation for the Robin of Sherwood Convention in April, I took my family to Northumberland where some of the scenes were filmed back in the 1980’s and also Harry Potter and Downton Abbey were filmed there too.


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