Nearing 50.

Being 50 soon has made me look back at my life.

I was going to organise a shindig with some of my old band members on my birthday weekend, but I will be attanding my old Secondary school’s reunion.

Here is the Combined Cadet Force I used to be in back in the ’80s.


Challenge 3/4/5. My Lent. 

Ok, as I will be 50 at the end of this year, I decided to do a lot of challenges.

I decided that although I am not religous, I would do Lent this year. I gave up chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks and meat.

Days 1-15, I did the Live below the line challenge and lost 8lbs. It’s a really good challenge. It taught me that I can go a long period without any meat. The dishes are good and my kids loved them, too. They had some with their regular meals. There was a couple of blips though, as my Hubby wanted to have his favourite meal -Shougayaki – which is pork ginger,  because it was his birthday, I ate it.  Also we went to Huckleberrys (The kids agreed that I could have both days off from Lent), I haven’t eaten meat again. I lost 8lbs in that time.

From day 16-31, I started to crave meat, so I upped my carbs intake and put to the weight back on. Obviously the wrong thing to do.

Yesterday was the last day and I have lost the 8lbs and kept my weight steady and  have also introduced VERY gentle exercises and during this time, as my back went and my knees have been bad, too.

Might eat a very small bar of chocolate as I have a Robin of Sherwood meet-up and an Emcon to go to at the end of April and will probably put the weight back on.

I have a plan for May, June and July.

Feeling better and more determined.

Voting time


Hopefully helping Nottingham to get more tourism.

Tommy’s Honour -Update.


5k completed

Done it. 

After knackering my back ten days ago, I completed the first of my ’25 things to do before I’m 50′ list.

Walked most of it but hey ho.

Looking for another one to do.@ nottinghamcity 

Sakura Chan.

I didn’t know until two years after we moved in that we had a Japanese Cherry Blossom tree.

Sakura Chan is blooming, now. A bit early,  but I am loving seeing this every morning at the moment.

Aloe Vera toothpaste. Day 1.

I am trying out a product that my friend asked me to use to clean my teeth.


I started to use Aloe vera when I lived in Japan to calm my keloids down.

I am a great advocate of the product and cannot waitto see if this product will help to clear the plaque on my teeth.