5k completed

Done it. 

After knackering my back ten days ago, I completed the first of my ’25 things to do before I’m 50′ list.

Walked most of it but hey ho.

Looking for another one to do.@ nottinghamcity 

Sakura Chan.

I didn’t know until two years after we moved in that we had a Japanese Cherry Blossom tree.

Sakura Chan is blooming, now. A bit early,  but I am loving seeing this every morning at the moment.

Aloe Vera toothpaste. Day 1.

I am trying out a product that my friend asked me to use to clean my teeth.


I started to use Aloe vera when I lived in Japan to calm my keloids down.

I am a great advocate of the product and cannot waitto see if this product will help to clear the plaque on my teeth.



Robin of Sherwood-Update

The Hooded man is coming.