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A different kind of Sunday dinner.

On a Sunday, the U.K. traditionally  a Sunday Roast is what is made for dinner with all of the trimmings.

Today I decided to make a different kind of chicken dinner using the book that my kids bought for me at Christmas 2017.

Roast Tikka Chicken.

A very simple recipie and quick to make. The Tikka paste was a first and I think I put more on the chicken than it said in the book. 

The vegs were very chunky and overspilled in the pot.

I had never used just a shelf to cook chicken, but there is a furst time for everything.

Was a bit of a sceptic of how this was gonna work and after adjusting the temperature a bit and cutting the chicken into pieces to enable it to cook through, I presented the dinner to the family.

Unfortunately the juices of the chicken did not quite go onto the vegs to enable them to cook, so I had to make rice, instead.


The hubby and kids really liked it and said it was better than my normal roast chicken.

It was very enjoyable and filling. 

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