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Teaching the kids to cook.

Well as the kids are getting older I have decided to let them start cooking.  

As I am not a very good cook and they both like the new Jamie Oliver tv show, they got me the book for my Christmas prezzie. 

The most enthusiastic of the two is my son, so with this in mind he got the honour of choosing the first recipie

Easy Sausage Carbonara.

I bought the ingredients and just sat back to watch him get in with it.

He didn’t like getting his hands sticky as he was rolling the de-skinned sausage into balls. Had to tell him over ten times NOT to use the middle of his hands to make them.

He was scared of going near the frying pan to do the sausages, so I had to do that job while he made the sauce.

It took alot longer than the fifteen minutes in the book but he/we made the meal.

He was well chuffed with it and we all loved the flavour.

Next is me making an alterative Sunday dinner.

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