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Nottingham City centre sings Africa by Toto 25.1.18

It was the first time that a callout was made for the citizens of Nottingham to come out and sing this great song.
I went and joined about 300 other people.


It was cold and there was no lighting nor a sound system for us to sing to.

I got given a lyric sheet and was joined by a woman who I had never met before, who settled herself next to me.

We eagerly waited for 6.30pm to come and to start, but the time went past and those around me we’re wondering what was going on.

I craned my neck to look towards the tv cameras that were a short distance ahead of me and saw a lonely right hand with three fingers raised up in the air. It counted down to one and I heard a few mumbling that drifter towards me half way through the first verse.

Those around me fought up with the song and sang as loud as we could.

I shouted out the high partnear the end and we all laughed.

It was a great idea to do but I think it should have been organised a bit better with a big screen and a bit of background music.

Next time I will take my boombox.

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