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A woman of a certain age.

Haven’t been on WP for a while as I have entered the menopause stage and was a bit annoyed that it’s happening as my mind isn’t ready for it.

I have been trying to get fitter after turning fifty years old, but it’s a challenge since the ‘ Big M’ has kicked in.

I am trying not to ‘go mental’ as I have read some women do, so am doing what I enjoy and going to gigs etc.

I have already told my hubby to let me to what I need to, so not to go mad at him.

with Jason Connery.

At Japanese School Sports Day. Obento made by hubby.

meeting Phil, Kirstie and Sue.

At a Windrush event.

With Michael Praed.

With Henry Priestman.

Supporting England #waistcoatwednesday

It has been a very busy few weeks. Seeing Jason Connery, Michael Praed and Henry Priestman (Yatchs and The Christians, fame). Doing our last Japanese school sports day and playing neighbourhood cricket (we came last, this year). Oh and watching the World Cup.

A very full summer to come as my son will finish Primary school in two weeks, I will be doing an Inflatable 5K and loads more besides.

Lots of Robin of Sherwood events in the pipeline.

Just for to sort out the ‘Big M’ as I don’t want to take and medicine for it, unless it’s as a last resort.

Blessed be.

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