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New challenges.

Well, I drive myself to Liverpool for the first time. I have only driven on the motorway about five times since I passed my test at twenty-one years old.

I went to see Henry Priestman (Yachts and The Christians fame). He was showcasing his forty years in the music business and his solo stuff. I have been a big fan of him for thirty of his forty years.

I also did an Inflatable 5k. It was a group of us mum’s and teenage children.

It was a very hot day. The course was in a horse race track. The ground was very bumpy and hurt my feet. I walk around it with another lady.

The obstacles were very hot to touch and as I have had knees, very tricky to do them.

Afree an hour I got to the end and tried to do the ‘Leap of faith’ but bottled it. I did the slide dtop, instead.

Can’t wait to do it again.

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