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The end of an era.

When I arrived back in the U.K., My daughter was nearly three and my son was three /four months in my belly.

This week he will start secondary school and the in thing to do is to give the teachers a card/present as a thank you.

The U.K. has changed when I left back in the early ’90’s, and it’s expensive nowadays, we have some what we did when his sister left primary school/childcare, made our own cards.

Hubby made the Samurai hat’s and Kimono’s.

It must be unique thing to do but I like being unusal and it sums up the family.

The postcards are from my Japanese clay making friend Ryouchi Minagawa and his wife who I met while working in Niigata teaching their daughter English.

#ilovemyhubby #ilovejapaneseculture #multicultiralfamily #thisishowIroll

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