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July happenings.

Went to see Del Amitri on my own as usual. It was a great hug and even though I stood up, from the start, got a light shined on my do sit down, I kept standing up and not bothering who didn’t like it.

Was a bit disappointed that Justin didn’t come out to meet his fans, but the rest of the band did.

That’s will ALWAYS be the debate about standing up and no one can see at gigs/concerts, but as long as I can keep doing it, I will keep ‘freaking out’ at my favourite gigs.

It was also my youngests last day at Primary school and at a childcare centre he had been at since he was six months old.

It was very emotional and I cried alot. I was a party id the community and the school and I loved the whole experience of school as a parent, like I loved school when I was a child/ young person.

Now on to new


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