Mixed emotions.

Today has been a mixed feelings kind of day in regards to VJ Day.
Firstly I didn’t know that it was a ‘thing’ in the UK. Just assumed it was more of a USA thing.
Secondly, although I know a lot about the history (and I will assume that some distant relative from with Asian and/or the Caribbean fought in it, as my heritage is Indian and Jamaican) it wasn’t on my radar to celebrate, just to acknowledge as a black person that not only white people fought in the 2nd WW. I was taught this when I was a kid.
Thirdly, as I am married to a Japanese person, I felt a bit awkward about the celebrations.
and Fourthly, I will have to teach my kids a lot more about their heritage in regards to the war involving ethnic minorities.

Black lives matter in my house is a complex thing in what to celebrate in regards to the diversity of my little unit.
Still, everyday is a school day and knowledge is good.

P.S. Usually I would be in Japan in August, so I would not have been fully aware of this day as I would observed the bombings and VE day as the norm.
Hope this makes sense?
Am now going to watch Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence and Tenko.

My Covid19 life. Part 1

So I got a call, at work, from my hubby informing mw that his father had died suddenly, in Japan.

Messages from my sister-in-law, followed .

We scrambled around for a few hours and hubby bought his ticket to Japan. A few days later my children had to stay at home and be home schooled due to the Prime Minister ordering a restrictive rule for the population to practice social distancing.

The first two weeks of hubby being away, I was like a mad woman as I tried to get th kids (16 &13) to do more in the house.

My 16 year old has to be tweaked abit, but my 13 year old (GAWD and still is GAWD)

Like alot of parents, there is/was no way that I could help teenagers do their school work as my 16 year old is doing A Levels that I didn’t do and my 13 year old can’t be bothered to do his.

So I decided to get them to start doing the house maintenance


Nettie’s World – 2020. Reflection.

This year marks twenty-five years ago that I went to live in Japan.

The hubby kids and I were having brunch and was watching a Japanese news programme, when it talked about the Hanshin earthquake in 1995.

It reminded me that I was preparing to go and live the rest of my life in Japan. A dream that I had since the age of ten, after watching The Water Margin and Monkey. Shogun and Karate Kid sealed it for me.

I realised that if I hadn’t made that decision, then I would not have the family unit that I have.

#jpukliving #ilovemyfamily #blackjapanesefamily

I realise that my family unit is still rare in Japan and in the UK, but I am so glad that I made that decision.

This year I will be going to a Robin of Sherwood Convention, going to see alot of 80’s band’s celebrating their anniversaries. E.g. Level 42, Simple Minds, Go West and others.

Back to the eighties for me.

Am also trying to go to the Olympics in Tokyo, as I was a Games Maker in London 2012, but was unsuccessful to be one in Tokyo. Will just have to go and soak up the energy. Gambarimasu.