Mixed emotions.

Today has been a mixed feelings kind of day in regards to VJ Day.
Firstly I didn’t know that it was a ‘thing’ in the UK. Just assumed it was more of a USA thing.
Secondly, although I know a lot about the history (and I will assume that some distant relative from with Asian and/or the Caribbean fought in it, as my heritage is Indian and Jamaican) it wasn’t on my radar to celebrate, just to acknowledge as a black person that not only white people fought in the 2nd WW. I was taught this when I was a kid.
Thirdly, as I am married to a Japanese person, I felt a bit awkward about the celebrations.
and Fourthly, I will have to teach my kids a lot more about their heritage in regards to the war involving ethnic minorities.

Black lives matter in my house is a complex thing in what to celebrate in regards to the diversity of my little unit.
Still, everyday is a school day and knowledge is good.

P.S. Usually I would be in Japan in August, so I would not have been fully aware of this day as I would observed the bombings and VE day as the norm.
Hope this makes sense?
Am now going to watch Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence and Tenko.