Coivd-19 update unlocking the UK in 2021.

So, it has been over a year since the UK had it’s first lock down.

They went back to school, last Autumn, then had to stay at home again and back again in February and now have Easter holidays.

During that time my son has only had his hair cut once and that was by his sister back in the Autumn.

Now that the PM has said that more of the economy will be reopening, I can’t wait until he can go to the barber’s because he has an Afro worthy of any I have ever seen. He looks like his dad but his hair is like mine.

I was told that there are a lot of Japanese young people wanting to have an afro, nowadays,so I guess that I am glad that this is natural as it looks like a lot of young people are taking a looonng time to master having Afro hair.

By the way, his hair is dry. Typical teenager.

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