Had a regular day, today until the ‘clearing’ bug for me while cleaning the house.

Started to clear my son’s room of old toys and books.

Felt very sad as some of these are from Japan and things his sister had. Soon, he will be going to big school, he doesn’t play with them any more.

While doing that my daughter found a Dinosaur toy that my son has had for ages and had not even taken it out of the packaging. She made the model.

After picking my son up from Japanese school, I saw a picture that a friend of mine’s wife painted while he was out playing golf, today. #golfwidow. 

We ladies can be creative while the lads are out.

Nottingham City centre sings Africa by Toto 25.1.18

It was the first time that a callout was made for the citizens of Nottingham to come out and sing this great song.
I went and joined about 300 other people.

It was cold and there was no lighting nor a sound system for us to sing to.

I got given a lyric sheet and was joined by a woman who I had never met before, who settled herself next to me.

We eagerly waited for 6.30pm to come and to start, but the time went past and those around me we’re wondering what was going on.

I craned my neck to look towards the tv cameras that were a short distance ahead of me and saw a lonely right hand with three fingers raised up in the air. It counted down to one and I heard a few mumbling that drifter towards me half way through the first verse.

Those around me fought up with the song and sang as loud as we could.

I shouted out the high partnear the end and we all laughed.

It was a great idea to do but I think it should have been organised a bit better with a big screen and a bit of background music.

Next time I will take my boombox.

A different kind of Sunday dinner.

On a Sunday, the U.K. traditionally  a Sunday Roast is what is made for dinner with all of the trimmings.

Today I decided to make a different kind of chicken dinner using the book that my kids bought for me at Christmas 2017.

Roast Tikka Chicken.

A very simple recipie and quick to make. The Tikka paste was a first and I think I put more on the chicken than it said in the book. 

The vegs were very chunky and overspilled in the pot.

I had never used just a shelf to cook chicken, but there is a furst time for everything.

Was a bit of a sceptic of how this was gonna work and after adjusting the temperature a bit and cutting the chicken into pieces to enable it to cook through, I presented the dinner to the family.

Unfortunately the juices of the chicken did not quite go onto the vegs to enable them to cook, so I had to make rice, instead.


The hubby and kids really liked it and said it was better than my normal roast chicken.

It was very enjoyable and filling. 

Teaching the kids to cook.

Well as the kids are getting older I have decided to let them start cooking.  

As I am not a very good cook and they both like the new Jamie Oliver tv show, they got me the book for my Christmas prezzie. 

The most enthusiastic of the two is my son, so with this in mind he got the honour of choosing the first recipie

Easy Sausage Carbonara.

I bought the ingredients and just sat back to watch him get in with it.

He didn’t like getting his hands sticky as he was rolling the de-skinned sausage into balls. Had to tell him over ten times NOT to use the middle of his hands to make them.

He was scared of going near the frying pan to do the sausages, so I had to do that job while he made the sauce.

It took alot longer than the fifteen minutes in the book but he/we made the meal.

He was well chuffed with it and we all loved the flavour.

Next is me making an alterative Sunday dinner.

Robin of Sherwood Convention 2018

Well now it is time to prepare for the next Robin of Sherwood convention – Hooded Man 3.

Although the weekend tickets are sold out, there are still some day tickets.

There have been a few audios made to excite the fans from Spiteful Puppet

If you loved the Cult ’80’s T.V. programme, like me, then please see what’s being produced for the 21st Century.


Nothing’s forgotten

Nothing’s ever forgotten

Blessed be

Nearing 50.

Being 50 soon has made me look back at my life.

I was going to organise a shindig with some of my old band members on my birthday weekend, but I will be attanding my old Secondary school’s reunion.

Here is the Combined Cadet Force I used to be in back in the ’80s.


Challenge 3/4/5. My Lent. 

Ok, as I will be 50 at the end of this year, I decided to do a lot of challenges.

I decided that although I am not religous, I would do Lent this year. I gave up chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks and meat.

Days 1-15, I did the Live below the line challenge and lost 8lbs. It’s a really good challenge. It taught me that I can go a long period without any meat. The dishes are good and my kids loved them, too. They had some with their regular meals. There was a couple of blips though, as my Hubby wanted to have his favourite meal -Shougayaki – which is pork ginger,  because it was his birthday, I ate it.  Also we went to Huckleberrys (The kids agreed that I could have both days off from Lent), I haven’t eaten meat again. I lost 8lbs in that time.

From day 16-31, I started to crave meat, so I upped my carbs intake and put to the weight back on. Obviously the wrong thing to do.

Yesterday was the last day and I have lost the 8lbs and kept my weight steady and  have also introduced VERY gentle exercises and during this time, as my back went and my knees have been bad, too.

Might eat a very small bar of chocolate as I have a Robin of Sherwood meet-up and an Emcon to go to at the end of April and will probably put the weight back on.

I have a plan for May, June and July.

Feeling better and more determined.

Voting time


Hopefully helping Nottingham to get more tourism.