The end of an era.

When I arrived back in the U.K., My daughter was nearly three and my son was three /four months in my belly.

This week he will start secondary school and the in thing to do is to give the teachers a card/present as a thank you.

The U.K. has changed when I left back in the early ’90’s, and it’s expensive nowadays, we have some what we did when his sister left primary school/childcare, made our own cards.

Hubby made the Samurai hat’s and Kimono’s.

It must be unique thing to do but I like being unusal and it sums up the family.

The postcards are from my Japanese clay making friend Ryouchi Minagawa and his wife who I met while working in Niigata teaching their daughter English.

#ilovemyhubby #ilovejapaneseculture #multicultiralfamily #thisishowIroll

New challenges.

Well, I drive myself to Liverpool for the first time. I have only driven on the motorway about five times since I passed my test at twenty-one years old.

I went to see Henry Priestman (Yachts and The Christians fame). He was showcasing his forty years in the music business and his solo stuff. I have been a big fan of him for thirty of his forty years.

I also did an Inflatable 5k. It was a group of us mum’s and teenage children.

It was a very hot day. The course was in a horse race track. The ground was very bumpy and hurt my feet. I walk around it with another lady.

The obstacles were very hot to touch and as I have had knees, very tricky to do them.

Afree an hour I got to the end and tried to do the ‘Leap of faith’ but bottled it. I did the slide dtop, instead.

Can’t wait to do it again.

A woman of a certain age.

Haven’t been on WP for a while as I have entered the menopause stage and was a bit annoyed that it’s happening as my mind isn’t ready for it.

I have been trying to get fitter after turning fifty years old, but it’s a challenge since the ‘ Big M’ has kicked in.

I am trying not to ‘go mental’ as I have read some women do, so am doing what I enjoy and going to gigs etc.

I have already told my hubby to let me to what I need to, so not to go mad at him.

with Jason Connery.

At Japanese School Sports Day. Obento made by hubby.

meeting Phil, Kirstie and Sue.

At a Windrush event.

With Michael Praed.

With Henry Priestman.

Supporting England #waistcoatwednesday

It has been a very busy few weeks. Seeing Jason Connery, Michael Praed and Henry Priestman (Yatchs and The Christians, fame). Doing our last Japanese school sports day and playing neighbourhood cricket (we came last, this year). Oh and watching the World Cup.

A very full summer to come as my son will finish Primary school in two weeks, I will be doing an Inflatable 5K and loads more besides.

Lots of Robin of Sherwood events in the pipeline.

Just for to sort out the ‘Big M’ as I don’t want to take and medicine for it, unless it’s as a last resort.

Blessed be.

Phil Rose aka Friar Tuck from Robin of Sherwood. 7/5/18

Yesterday was an attempt for Nottingham to get into the Guiness Book of World Records.for throat people dressed up as Robin Hood.

Phil Rose we there raising money for a local charity and I spent some time with him and his assistant Carole.

It was ‘baking’ in the jot sin at Wollaton Park.

There were alot of people young and old of different races and animals dressed up.

A few RoS fans came to see Phil, too.

This weekend will be the RoS Convention and Phil will be attending.

Can’t wait.

A very difficult few weeks

Well it looks like I had started ‘ The change’ being hot most nights, now. Wasn’t ready for it. I am trying to control it with food and exercise.


t has made me re-think my life. In that time my dear Grand Uncle has died and one of my closest cousins, too.

It’s the first time that some one this close to me has got to me.

In the meantime, it is a week to go until The Hooded Man 3 Convention and I can soooo Do with cheering up.

Today is Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day) in Japan.