Lots of changes in 2021

I wanted my daughter to wear a kimono for a big birthday coming up, so I asked a few Japanese friends, who introduced me to a lady. We went to see her collection of Kimono’s and after choosing one, she came over to dress her. I have added some pictures from the photoshoot.
娘に大きな誕生日の着物を着てもらいたかったので、日本人の友達に聞いてみたら、女性を紹介してくれました。 私たちは彼女の着物のコレクションを見に行きました、そして、1つを選んだ後、彼女は彼女に服を着せるためにやって来ました。 写真撮影の写真をいくつか追加しました

Should I worry?

So, as a black person, I have had to worry alot about my firstborn as she looks alot like me and I have had to talk to her about the way she may be treated in regards to her skin colour. I don’t know if black people in the UK have the culture about having ‘the talk’ with their parents at a young, (sometimes very young) age, but I have had talks/discussions over the years with her.

My problem is now my son. Even though he is half black, he very much looks like his dad, who is Japanese.

In April/May 2020, My hubby told me that there were attacks in the town that he works in against Chinese people. I didn’t really believe it, but there were pictures going around in that area at the time.

It has been about a year since then and upon hearing that there are hate crimes against ‘Asians’, (basically Chinese looking people) in the USA, I was not so shocked as the language used about Covid-19 and it’s origins ignited a fire that enabled this behaviour.

As I live in the UK, I didn’t think anything of it but I have heard of some places where these attacks have happened in the US and Europe.

Now, I am worrying about my son. When I first thought about ‘Asians’ in the UK, when I was younger, this meant people from Indian/Pakistani heritage but now this includes ‘Oriental’ (yes I know that this term is not PC/old school but I still have to catch up with new terms after I have been away from the UK when PC stuff were being developed) people which is why I am worried.

As far as I know, there hasn’t been any attacks where I live but I am still worrying. Am losing sleep over him going to school and back.

Now that the UK is opening up, I fear for his development when he want to go out more. I have told him about being aware of his surroundings but …..

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Mixed emotions.

Today has been a mixed feelings kind of day in regards to VJ Day.
Firstly I didn’t know that it was a ‘thing’ in the UK. Just assumed it was more of a USA thing.
Secondly, although I know a lot about the history (and I will assume that some distant relative from with Asian and/or the Caribbean fought in it, as my heritage is Indian and Jamaican) it wasn’t on my radar to celebrate, just to acknowledge as a black person that not only white people fought in the 2nd WW. I was taught this when I was a kid.
Thirdly, as I am married to a Japanese person, I felt a bit awkward about the celebrations.
and Fourthly, I will have to teach my kids a lot more about their heritage in regards to the war involving ethnic minorities.

Black lives matter in my house is a complex thing in what to celebrate in regards to the diversity of my little unit.
Still, everyday is a school day and knowledge is good.

P.S. Usually I would be in Japan in August, so I would not have been fully aware of this day as I would observed the bombings and VE day as the norm.
Hope this makes sense?
Am now going to watch Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence and Tenko.