Well I don’t know about you, but I did not listen to my mum when she was giving out cooking lessons at home as I was too busy studying. Now I have a family of my own, I have to cook most of the time and now I have to teach my daughter (my son will be taught when he is twelve years old).

I think tht most modern parents are like mean have shelves load on cookery books. I have had the idea to do a recipie a day and throw away the magazines/leaflets/books, for the last five years, but have not gotten round to it.  Well it is another challenge to do it from 2016.

As we are a multi-cultural family, I have to learn and teach Indian, Jamaican, English and Japanese dishes. Toady I did a recipie from an indian Fakeaway. I was good.


P.S. My first attempt of cooking from

Strictly Learn to dance Week 3.

I have decided to ‘sort mi sen aaaat’ and am doing a dance challenge.

As usual in my life when I do things ‘out of the box’ I am Billy no mates’. I have made new friends, but I don’t have a partner, so again as usual in my life, I have roped in my big sister and my daughter (12).

They both enjoyed it, now we are a planning what music we will be dancing to.