Well I don’t know about you, but I did not listen to my mum when she was giving out cooking lessons at home as I was too busy studying. Now I have a family of my own, I have to cook most of the time and now I have to teach my daughter (my son will be taught when he is twelve years old).

I think tht most modern parents are like mean have shelves load on cookery books. I have had the idea to do a recipie a day and throw away the magazines/leaflets/books, for the last five years, but have not gotten round to it.  Well it is another challenge to do it from 2016.

As we are a multi-cultural family, I have to learn and teach Indian, Jamaican, English and Japanese dishes. Toady I did a recipie from an indian Fakeaway. I was good.


P.S. My first attempt of cooking from

Strictly Learn to dance Week 3.

I have decided to ‘sort mi sen aaaat’ and am doing a dance challenge.

As usual in my life when I do things ‘out of the box’ I am Billy no mates’. I have made new friends, but I don’t have a partner, so again as usual in my life, I have roped in my big sister and my daughter (12).

They both enjoyed it, now we are a planning what music we will be dancing to.


A new me from 2016. Challenges.

Well, it has been nearly a year since I did this.

It has been very stressful, but now I am thinking positively.

I have decided to take the ‘bull by the horns’ and do the stuff that I REALLY want to do. So with that in mind, I have set myself some challenges.

  1. Like everyone else, to save money.  I found out about the 52 week Challenge on Facebook and have been looinkg at and for ideas and inspitation and I have set up my goals to save for my debts, the kids, going to gigs and going on honeymoon to Hawaii in 2017, as I have not had a honeymoon yet.
  2. As I will be 50 years old next year, I would like to be fit. I have already started my Insanity workout since the school reunion that we had last November and speaking to an old school friend of mine, she said that she did it so I started a couple of weeks later. I have also started a ‘Strictly’ challenge and it is going well.I don’t have a partner, but I don’t care, I have always been the odd one out in things. Can’t change the habit of a lifetime.
  3. To write a book. I have already got about four books in my head to write and have written some snippets on my laptop, but I have to put them (or at least one ) together and put it out there to see who would like it.

I will also blog about my family and my experiences of 2016. There are alot of things I will be doing that are already ‘penned’ in and some faintly penciled in.

I hope that it will be enjoyable.