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Trip to Japan.

It has been over five years that I haven’t been to Japan. We were due to go in 2020, but due to the pandemic……

From that time to this, my father-in-law had passed away and my mother-in-law has dementia. My daughter went to university and my son is a hikkikomori and is doing his GCSEs.

I have not gotten fitter and now have a high BP.

I have also started an allotment, which I hated doing when I was a lass, but maybe it’s my age……

Anyway, I went to Japan over the winter holidays and had a great time visiting. We went to Universal Studios Japan, Himeji Castle, Oksaka, Niigata, Akihabara, Warabi, Fuji mountain.

Also visited my mum- in-law, sister in law, her hubby and kids. My son hung out with his first cousins and I hung out with my friends.

Bittersweet coming back home, but am planning on going again ASAP.

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